Friday, May 28, 2010



Been away from this place for quite awhile.. starting to realize, writing some nonsenses here sometimes can cheer myself up. Reduce mood swing too I guess. So I decided to revive my blog and stay active :D (I'M SERIOUS THIS TIME!)

Oh, and I'm back to blogger. Tumblr is cool, but not really my type. Will stay faithful here.

HEY YOU! Need your opinion!
I'm requesting some blog topics!
Share some creativity please thank you (:

*put it in the comment section below!

Meaning of

About the new link, I was just thinking and wanted a fresh start, a special & simple blog name. I used one night to think of this k-today. Well, explanation. "k" is obviously my initial, & "today" isn't really mean as a simple "today". It is actually "T.O. DAY". Means, TheOutbreakDAY (for me lol), as in the very happening day. Outbreak doesn't sound anything wrong, to me, coz' ordinary days would be an outbreak to me too. Why? Coz'

I always follow my own thoughts, I always go stubborn inside & flexible outside. I'm very ugly if I show my real side. Despite that sometimes I am arrogant, mean, crafty, cold-blooded, heartless, (enough ...) I have space in my heart to fill with people I like, I care, I want. It's very scary if I care about a person. & if someone I care makes me hate them, it'd be scarier.

One more thing, I'm very very sensitive. That's the main reason why a little thing could outbreak my whole day.

That's it for the first one I guess. Remember to give me ideas about my next topic.
Please come back more often, I promise, as in really really promise, I will stay active.