Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are you a KL Driver?

I miss ranting here :D

It's fun watching viewers come when I update, come & read only with no comment. I'm fine with that, I'm updating because I know some people still read this :D :D (I wouldn't if nobody reads) thank you for whoever you are, you can leave a comment, I will be very polite. No problem as an anonymous, you know, to expose your identity ornot, it's always your choice. (:

I had tons of rants actually, thanks to my fate with those stupid ass people. I don't know about you, but in life, sometimes something/someone seems to be very stupid, you can just ignore, somehow you care too much about it. At the end? You can't deny adding yourself in the "stupid ass people" list of yours.

To deal with stupid ass people, don't deal with them.



There are a few things, I'm trying to do now which I never thought I would have a chance to do.

1. On diet
2. Cut fats
3. Eat more vege
4. Drink less tea & coffee
5. Exercise
6. Less bakuteh

LOL okay. That's random. Let's get back to business.

Hey you know what, I've been bugging by drivers nowadays. I mean drivers who drive on the road, bother me alot when I'm driving too. It's been like 2 months already or something. Maybe that is what we call "driving"? Bull mofing shit. That is attitude problem. Driving is a beautiful activity, don't you think so? No ofcourse. Driving for me in these 2 months is like hunting. Or like chasing time to rebirth, in Cantonese we call "Gon Tao Toi".

I admit, the way I drive is kinda KL, put me in the KL DRIVERS category please. Wait, don't think what you're thinking. Please consider me as a POLITE driver
, eventhough I know KL DRIVERS are never polite. But no, KL DRIVERS, this category is consider as polite drivers. Know why?

Because I think we have new categories.


True thing up there, no homo.

KL DRIVERS are freaking amazing. I swear v5.0 will come out before iPhone 5.

Coming soon.. to bother you every single day.

Alright, so the point of this upgraded version KL DRIVERS thingy is telling you there are very very very brainless drivers out there, & I've been experiencing them for quite some time. It's like, almost everyday they come & find me. Is it my version too low already, they try to upgrade me to KLD v2.0? I think yes. Or at least that works. They really start to upgrade me to a better KLD.

Joke of the century is when some uncles ask us young drivers to talk less because we are less-experienced.

Truth of the century is when some young drivers TEACH some "EXPERIENCED" uncles/aunties HOW TO DRIVE. :D Because we know better than them, & that's the truth. :D :D

A thick-faced thank you to them too, I'm now very good in some situation. Like, not allowing other cars do what they want to do. LOL. If you're a sports fan, I'm like this, I'm an excellent defensive player who doesn't really care when it comes to offense.

1 more 1 more.. I think this has been bothering you & me & most people.

Speed without reason.

Wait, even you have your reason, you shouldn't speed too, that's very selfish. Just don't.. speed la. What's the point? Attention seeker la. Nobody will impress la come on. You people are just making fun of yourselves. We need steady & safe drivers, not clowns that would kill themselves & other people anytime anywhere.

Maybe it's just me, coz' I don't think speeding is fun.

Little did they know, there are something called X-Box, PS3, Arcade & Computer games.
Little little did they know, there are LOTS of games like Need4Speed, Burnout, Initial D etc etc.

They know.

But they are allergic to LCD screens maybe. They only feel comfortable looking at the car front mirror. & feel too shy to use the controller to play, they use their own lives instead.

BLAH. You can't expect people to love their lives before getting one.

Monday, September 06, 2010


You know what makes the earth stop spinning? When people care too much about their own skin colour & talk too much about others' skin colour. This issue is seriously.. speechless.

I saw this criticism from a Chinese, "Malaysia is racist. Because it's named MALAYsia, instead of CINAsia or INDIAsia. The name of the country is already racist."

A Malay fought back, "You said it yourself, it's MALAYsia, so we are the ones who own the country. Not you all."

& the argument went on.

Dumb shit. Reading those really hurt my eyes.

Some even came up with history.. OH GAWD! So you are bringing the facts, the history, the past TO FIGHT AGAINST ANOTHER RACE? Come on la. Continue fighting like that will only make another history. A war.

About the Malay teacher, asked Chinese students to go back China & promoted cheap Air Asia tix. Just feel like telling you, do you think we like to stay in Malaysia so much? Do you think we don't like to be a Chinese (from China)? Do you think we have not enough money to buy Air tix? Need your cheap offer?

I'm not trying to be racist, just show a little sympathy.

& ofcoz' Namewee "revenged", I like that. He always shows that Malay people can't beat Chinese or something like that. One thing I dislike about him is, he says he's not racist. That's bullshit. Enough said.

In this case, I don't care who started this, whoever takes part in those racist discussions/arguments should just back off. You guys have no business talking about other skin colours & there's no need to protect yours. Coz' you claim yourself, the greatest, the best, so why care about them weakers? You don't even have to tell them their weak.

I'm talking to all kind of races. MALAY, CHINESE & INDIAN.
I'm glad that Indians don't take part in this..

Just a side note, you know, there is also one kind of people.. they "believe too much" in their religion til they think EVERYONE should be like them.. AHHHH WHAT DO YOU WANT THEN? THE WHOLE WORLD SAME SKIN AS YOU & BELIEVE THE SAME THING?

Sometimes I wish I was an Avatar. You know, the blue monkey. We are all blue skin & we believe in that gigantic tree. SIGH