Monday, September 06, 2010


You know what makes the earth stop spinning? When people care too much about their own skin colour & talk too much about others' skin colour. This issue is seriously.. speechless.

I saw this criticism from a Chinese, "Malaysia is racist. Because it's named MALAYsia, instead of CINAsia or INDIAsia. The name of the country is already racist."

A Malay fought back, "You said it yourself, it's MALAYsia, so we are the ones who own the country. Not you all."

& the argument went on.

Dumb shit. Reading those really hurt my eyes.

Some even came up with history.. OH GAWD! So you are bringing the facts, the history, the past TO FIGHT AGAINST ANOTHER RACE? Come on la. Continue fighting like that will only make another history. A war.

About the Malay teacher, asked Chinese students to go back China & promoted cheap Air Asia tix. Just feel like telling you, do you think we like to stay in Malaysia so much? Do you think we don't like to be a Chinese (from China)? Do you think we have not enough money to buy Air tix? Need your cheap offer?

I'm not trying to be racist, just show a little sympathy.

& ofcoz' Namewee "revenged", I like that. He always shows that Malay people can't beat Chinese or something like that. One thing I dislike about him is, he says he's not racist. That's bullshit. Enough said.

In this case, I don't care who started this, whoever takes part in those racist discussions/arguments should just back off. You guys have no business talking about other skin colours & there's no need to protect yours. Coz' you claim yourself, the greatest, the best, so why care about them weakers? You don't even have to tell them their weak.

I'm talking to all kind of races. MALAY, CHINESE & INDIAN.
I'm glad that Indians don't take part in this..

Just a side note, you know, there is also one kind of people.. they "believe too much" in their religion til they think EVERYONE should be like them.. AHHHH WHAT DO YOU WANT THEN? THE WHOLE WORLD SAME SKIN AS YOU & BELIEVE THE SAME THING?

Sometimes I wish I was an Avatar. You know, the blue monkey. We are all blue skin & we believe in that gigantic tree. SIGH

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