Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Facebook's angel & devil

A little inappropriate, but the meaning of Facebook, is like putting your face on the book cover, desperate for attentions, whine like a bitch & stalk like a pedo bear.

Fun ornot, vice versa. For me it's fun. Everything I hate about FB is actually "entertaining".

Here are 5 things I hate but somehow made me love about FB.

1. Wall
I admit, I will read those walls on my main page sometimes. Don’t just point at me, if they didn’t post, I wouldn’t get to read anything. The bitchy part is, they want the whole world to watch them talk ; the funny part, they spam like FB will pay them. WALL has turn to WAR la buddy.

2. Tags
I’m not talking about the photo tagging. I’m talking about the wall/post tagging. Actually it’s a beautiful thing, we can tag on a few friends to share a topic instead of separate walls. The funny stuff of this usually comes from couples. HAHA. Yes yes, I know, it’s sweet, I would do that too trust me. BUT! They just make me feel like they're SHOWING OFF! I’m always like this, when I see some guys posting their gf’s names, I will be like, oh, flashing “his stuff” again. LOL Just a side note, this thing is a great tool to make people jealous. :P

No offense but I seriously think that, keeping your lover in your heart is more important than showing them out. On FB.

3. You & your friend requests
This is interesting. Maybe she is the girl you admire, maybe she is the one you crush on, maybe she’s the one you pedobearing LOL. Or if you are a girl, maybe she is the biggest bitch. HA HA. It’s her & her friend requests again. She says, too much unknown people add her & she doesn’t like that so she rejects. She then posts & complains about it. Whoever reads her complains are “known” people.

What do you think about that? What I think is.. They should write a little something like, “I hope my popularity is lower. These friend requests are so annoying!” or “I regeret putting this profile pic.. I just attracted 97 friend requests today!” or just shut up.

The other way, for those who don't care, they just accept everybody, as FB started to show who accepted who in homepage. I'm pretty sure they don't know exactly know all those people from request.. They accept them anyway, & they have to admit it that they think themselves are very attractive. This kind of people are probably proud of themselves being high-profile, or so.. LOL. I don't want to write anymore, scare later people say that I'm jealous, then I don't know how to explain HAHA

4. FB Chat
Okay, this is abit personal. I kinda dislike this because of my own reason. Basically FB chat embarrassed me once, & I'll never forget, thanks to myself for being clumsy & dumb too. So that was one night, I was fb chatting with 2 person, my close guy friend & a girl who I don't really know. You know how guys talk to each other, especially close ones.. & how gentle a guy could be when he talks to a "new-known" girl.

If you're smart, you probably know what happened to me that night. Yes, I replied wrongly. For awhile. I managed to explain everything to the guy but NOT the girl. It was like, suddenly, I told the girl "I don't give a fck, it's just so fckin annoying I just wanna fckin go home.." while talked to the guy like this "haha.. it's okay la. forget about it. I was busy so I went off early.."
COINCIDENTALLY both of them were talking about ALMOST the same thing. FB for me that night was FACE-BAM. GOSH.

5. Leave me alone!
Okay, I bet this problem annoys EVERYONE. At first, you like a status, then a couple hours later, you hate that status SO MUCH. why? Because many other people comment after you & that explodes your notification. Wait, they don't really comment, they CHAT. It's very annoying.

Couldn't think of more. Maybe I just love FB too much & I know you too. Just admit it, without FB, your life would not be the same. HAHA

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