Sunday, August 08, 2010

Is love BLIND?

Ladies & gentlemen, I may not have any good experiences about these four letter words, but I have some to share about. Based on my friends & some people's situations, I can see how they suffer, how they regret, how pain and even how stupid how dumb they are. Thanks to them, I literally see their mistakes & try not to do the same when it's my turn to face.

I still believe when people say love is blind. Because, it really is. Love is blind means everyone is possible to fall in love with anyone, without reason. So sometimes you can't blame yourself for falling in love with someone bad, like good guys falling on dirty bitches.

When you fall in love with someone, you have to make up your mind, whether you want to go deep with this person ornot. And when that time comes, its all up to you, nothing to do with love anymore since you are already in love. The decision is in your hand. Well, I can see many broken couples say that their love was blind, that's why they chose each other even though they shouldn't.

You know what, they are wrong. Love is blind, that's narf said. But if you made the wrong decision, YOU WERE BLIND. So I say, let love continue being blind, let your heart feel free to love, BUT not yourself, coz that's just plain stupid to be a blind person when you're obviously not.

I can see too, they are so many smart boys & girls out there who work smart on making decision & stuff. They always deserve a good start. Unfortunately some only show their evil sides when the relationship is running half way. That's bad. Some will make adjustment, some will jump start again & some will just let go - when cold-blooded people are borned.
Cold-blooded mofos. They can let go & forget someone so easily. Saying that doesn't mean they are players, but tough. Very tough. These people normally can settle things with their brains, not feeling. Can be very successful too, ofcoz if they're smart. Too bad most of us are not that kind fact that we are borned warm-blooded.

That's okay. I mean, being depressed after break up is fine. You're sad because your heart needs to rest :) they say first cut is the deepest, that's plain bullshit. The real thing is the deepest cut is the deepest :D there's no such thing as the first love is the sweetest too. All those are maybe just for some people, or just some song lyrics.

Think that's enough. I'm gonna stop here.
Overall, it's the sweetest I think. But think of it when it turns ugly, awh, I rather stay away from it at first. That's why people say, only start a relationship with someone you really think he/she could be yours for a long time.

Seems like many people out there don't do good in that huh. They always say that person is the best at first like they are gonna marry or something, but at last, they disappoint themselves.

Those sound like a story book to me. We literally know the ending of it already, just some of the contents are difficult to guess.

Bitch! :P

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