Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!

WASSSUPPPPPPP! I'm back to snuggle with the keyboard! HAHA

You know what's going on? I don't know, I don't even know where to start. But since this is internet, it's gonna be those viral videos! YEAH. I have been a youtube fan since I was 16, rough count it's been 4 years. I have seen countless videos went viral but none of those were LIKE THE EFFIN' REBECCA BLACK'S FRIDAY.

That music video is growing faster than your hair. Without getting reviewed by Ray William Johnson! but Ray did say a little something about her on his FB.

You may or may not know some youtube big stars, but yeah, they are like celebrity in the cyberspace. Not sure whether they got impressed by Ms Black, but,

1. Ray William Johnson (#2 most subscribed) made a shouout for her on FB.
2. Shane Dawson (#3 most subscribed) lipsync "Friday" on his 2nd channel.
3. Smosh (#4 most subscribed) used "Friday" as their usual intro on a video.
4. HappySlip (#16 most subscribed director) made a COVER of "Friday"

& I believe there are MORE on the e-space. OH Here's a cover

* I saw this on Ray's FB, incase you thought I went around youtube & search. LOL

Despite meaningless lyrics & lousy voice, the girl is only 13 & not bad looking. I know, that music video is overmade, it shouldn't be famous as it is now BUT. Who made it famous? It's us. Tell me, how many re-post you see on your Facebook? 10 or countless? LOL. There's a reason why that video went up to 32m+ views in just 1 month+. People just can't stop passing her around..


Haters always leave harsh comments - which she could care less. But I've seen SERIOUS comments that are really SERIOUS.. how do I explain that.. Those people will say this shit bother their mind & also the world of MUSIC, blaming how young music industry changes the world of music or something like that.. I'm not really into music that's why I'm not gonna say much about it lol. You get what I mean.

Well that also means big part of people are feeling disappointed on today's musics. Older musics are way better. I understand & totally agree!


Let's just talk about Rebecca Black's Friday, can we? Don't blame others..


^ Adding this here is because I hope I could help in growing the views. LOL.

Who agrees with me, the song is actually catchy? I mean if those lyrics weren't those, & a better singer sang it, man I would've out that as my ringtone LOLLL

my imaginary lyrics..

it's fried egg, fried egg,
gotta get down on fried egg,
everybody’s lookin’ for a whole big chicken, chicken
Fried egg, Fried egg,
lookin' down on fried egg,
everybody’s lookin’ for a whole big chicken~


Anyways, this video below is a rant about Ms Black.. But dude's a lil too harsh, too inappropriate. I find it funny because he's actually black & ranting about Rebecca Black LMAO

BTW I love that dude. HAHAHA

* OH OH before I go, do you know anything about the UCLA girl being racist & shit? THAT VIDEO should go up & get more views & hates, fortunately, on the way she's climbing up, HERE COMES REBECCA BLACK! HAHA

Youtube is like the most interesting place on the internet!

*coming back for better update - for realz!