Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!

WASSSUPPPPPPP! I'm back to snuggle with the keyboard! HAHA

You know what's going on? I don't know, I don't even know where to start. But since this is internet, it's gonna be those viral videos! YEAH. I have been a youtube fan since I was 16, rough count it's been 4 years. I have seen countless videos went viral but none of those were LIKE THE EFFIN' REBECCA BLACK'S FRIDAY.

That music video is growing faster than your hair. Without getting reviewed by Ray William Johnson! but Ray did say a little something about her on his FB.

You may or may not know some youtube big stars, but yeah, they are like celebrity in the cyberspace. Not sure whether they got impressed by Ms Black, but,

1. Ray William Johnson (#2 most subscribed) made a shouout for her on FB.
2. Shane Dawson (#3 most subscribed) lipsync "Friday" on his 2nd channel.
3. Smosh (#4 most subscribed) used "Friday" as their usual intro on a video.
4. HappySlip (#16 most subscribed director) made a COVER of "Friday"

& I believe there are MORE on the e-space. OH Here's a cover

* I saw this on Ray's FB, incase you thought I went around youtube & search. LOL

Despite meaningless lyrics & lousy voice, the girl is only 13 & not bad looking. I know, that music video is overmade, it shouldn't be famous as it is now BUT. Who made it famous? It's us. Tell me, how many re-post you see on your Facebook? 10 or countless? LOL. There's a reason why that video went up to 32m+ views in just 1 month+. People just can't stop passing her around..


Haters always leave harsh comments - which she could care less. But I've seen SERIOUS comments that are really SERIOUS.. how do I explain that.. Those people will say this shit bother their mind & also the world of MUSIC, blaming how young music industry changes the world of music or something like that.. I'm not really into music that's why I'm not gonna say much about it lol. You get what I mean.

Well that also means big part of people are feeling disappointed on today's musics. Older musics are way better. I understand & totally agree!


Let's just talk about Rebecca Black's Friday, can we? Don't blame others..


^ Adding this here is because I hope I could help in growing the views. LOL.

Who agrees with me, the song is actually catchy? I mean if those lyrics weren't those, & a better singer sang it, man I would've out that as my ringtone LOLLL

my imaginary lyrics..

it's fried egg, fried egg,
gotta get down on fried egg,
everybody’s lookin’ for a whole big chicken, chicken
Fried egg, Fried egg,
lookin' down on fried egg,
everybody’s lookin’ for a whole big chicken~


Anyways, this video below is a rant about Ms Black.. But dude's a lil too harsh, too inappropriate. I find it funny because he's actually black & ranting about Rebecca Black LMAO

BTW I love that dude. HAHAHA

* OH OH before I go, do you know anything about the UCLA girl being racist & shit? THAT VIDEO should go up & get more views & hates, fortunately, on the way she's climbing up, HERE COMES REBECCA BLACK! HAHA

Youtube is like the most interesting place on the internet!

*coming back for better update - for realz!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are you a KL Driver?

I miss ranting here :D

It's fun watching viewers come when I update, come & read only with no comment. I'm fine with that, I'm updating because I know some people still read this :D :D (I wouldn't if nobody reads) thank you for whoever you are, you can leave a comment, I will be very polite. No problem as an anonymous, you know, to expose your identity ornot, it's always your choice. (:

I had tons of rants actually, thanks to my fate with those stupid ass people. I don't know about you, but in life, sometimes something/someone seems to be very stupid, you can just ignore, somehow you care too much about it. At the end? You can't deny adding yourself in the "stupid ass people" list of yours.

To deal with stupid ass people, don't deal with them.



There are a few things, I'm trying to do now which I never thought I would have a chance to do.

1. On diet
2. Cut fats
3. Eat more vege
4. Drink less tea & coffee
5. Exercise
6. Less bakuteh

LOL okay. That's random. Let's get back to business.

Hey you know what, I've been bugging by drivers nowadays. I mean drivers who drive on the road, bother me alot when I'm driving too. It's been like 2 months already or something. Maybe that is what we call "driving"? Bull mofing shit. That is attitude problem. Driving is a beautiful activity, don't you think so? No ofcourse. Driving for me in these 2 months is like hunting. Or like chasing time to rebirth, in Cantonese we call "Gon Tao Toi".

I admit, the way I drive is kinda KL, put me in the KL DRIVERS category please. Wait, don't think what you're thinking. Please consider me as a POLITE driver
, eventhough I know KL DRIVERS are never polite. But no, KL DRIVERS, this category is consider as polite drivers. Know why?

Because I think we have new categories.


True thing up there, no homo.

KL DRIVERS are freaking amazing. I swear v5.0 will come out before iPhone 5.

Coming soon.. to bother you every single day.

Alright, so the point of this upgraded version KL DRIVERS thingy is telling you there are very very very brainless drivers out there, & I've been experiencing them for quite some time. It's like, almost everyday they come & find me. Is it my version too low already, they try to upgrade me to KLD v2.0? I think yes. Or at least that works. They really start to upgrade me to a better KLD.

Joke of the century is when some uncles ask us young drivers to talk less because we are less-experienced.

Truth of the century is when some young drivers TEACH some "EXPERIENCED" uncles/aunties HOW TO DRIVE. :D Because we know better than them, & that's the truth. :D :D

A thick-faced thank you to them too, I'm now very good in some situation. Like, not allowing other cars do what they want to do. LOL. If you're a sports fan, I'm like this, I'm an excellent defensive player who doesn't really care when it comes to offense.

1 more 1 more.. I think this has been bothering you & me & most people.

Speed without reason.

Wait, even you have your reason, you shouldn't speed too, that's very selfish. Just don't.. speed la. What's the point? Attention seeker la. Nobody will impress la come on. You people are just making fun of yourselves. We need steady & safe drivers, not clowns that would kill themselves & other people anytime anywhere.

Maybe it's just me, coz' I don't think speeding is fun.

Little did they know, there are something called X-Box, PS3, Arcade & Computer games.
Little little did they know, there are LOTS of games like Need4Speed, Burnout, Initial D etc etc.

They know.

But they are allergic to LCD screens maybe. They only feel comfortable looking at the car front mirror. & feel too shy to use the controller to play, they use their own lives instead.

BLAH. You can't expect people to love their lives before getting one.

Monday, September 06, 2010


You know what makes the earth stop spinning? When people care too much about their own skin colour & talk too much about others' skin colour. This issue is seriously.. speechless.

I saw this criticism from a Chinese, "Malaysia is racist. Because it's named MALAYsia, instead of CINAsia or INDIAsia. The name of the country is already racist."

A Malay fought back, "You said it yourself, it's MALAYsia, so we are the ones who own the country. Not you all."

& the argument went on.

Dumb shit. Reading those really hurt my eyes.

Some even came up with history.. OH GAWD! So you are bringing the facts, the history, the past TO FIGHT AGAINST ANOTHER RACE? Come on la. Continue fighting like that will only make another history. A war.

About the Malay teacher, asked Chinese students to go back China & promoted cheap Air Asia tix. Just feel like telling you, do you think we like to stay in Malaysia so much? Do you think we don't like to be a Chinese (from China)? Do you think we have not enough money to buy Air tix? Need your cheap offer?

I'm not trying to be racist, just show a little sympathy.

& ofcoz' Namewee "revenged", I like that. He always shows that Malay people can't beat Chinese or something like that. One thing I dislike about him is, he says he's not racist. That's bullshit. Enough said.

In this case, I don't care who started this, whoever takes part in those racist discussions/arguments should just back off. You guys have no business talking about other skin colours & there's no need to protect yours. Coz' you claim yourself, the greatest, the best, so why care about them weakers? You don't even have to tell them their weak.

I'm talking to all kind of races. MALAY, CHINESE & INDIAN.
I'm glad that Indians don't take part in this..

Just a side note, you know, there is also one kind of people.. they "believe too much" in their religion til they think EVERYONE should be like them.. AHHHH WHAT DO YOU WANT THEN? THE WHOLE WORLD SAME SKIN AS YOU & BELIEVE THE SAME THING?

Sometimes I wish I was an Avatar. You know, the blue monkey. We are all blue skin & we believe in that gigantic tree. SIGH

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Facebook's angel & devil

A little inappropriate, but the meaning of Facebook, is like putting your face on the book cover, desperate for attentions, whine like a bitch & stalk like a pedo bear.

Fun ornot, vice versa. For me it's fun. Everything I hate about FB is actually "entertaining".

Here are 5 things I hate but somehow made me love about FB.

1. Wall
I admit, I will read those walls on my main page sometimes. Don’t just point at me, if they didn’t post, I wouldn’t get to read anything. The bitchy part is, they want the whole world to watch them talk ; the funny part, they spam like FB will pay them. WALL has turn to WAR la buddy.

2. Tags
I’m not talking about the photo tagging. I’m talking about the wall/post tagging. Actually it’s a beautiful thing, we can tag on a few friends to share a topic instead of separate walls. The funny stuff of this usually comes from couples. HAHA. Yes yes, I know, it’s sweet, I would do that too trust me. BUT! They just make me feel like they're SHOWING OFF! I’m always like this, when I see some guys posting their gf’s names, I will be like, oh, flashing “his stuff” again. LOL Just a side note, this thing is a great tool to make people jealous. :P

No offense but I seriously think that, keeping your lover in your heart is more important than showing them out. On FB.

3. You & your friend requests
This is interesting. Maybe she is the girl you admire, maybe she is the one you crush on, maybe she’s the one you pedobearing LOL. Or if you are a girl, maybe she is the biggest bitch. HA HA. It’s her & her friend requests again. She says, too much unknown people add her & she doesn’t like that so she rejects. She then posts & complains about it. Whoever reads her complains are “known” people.

What do you think about that? What I think is.. They should write a little something like, “I hope my popularity is lower. These friend requests are so annoying!” or “I regeret putting this profile pic.. I just attracted 97 friend requests today!” or just shut up.

The other way, for those who don't care, they just accept everybody, as FB started to show who accepted who in homepage. I'm pretty sure they don't know exactly know all those people from request.. They accept them anyway, & they have to admit it that they think themselves are very attractive. This kind of people are probably proud of themselves being high-profile, or so.. LOL. I don't want to write anymore, scare later people say that I'm jealous, then I don't know how to explain HAHA

4. FB Chat
Okay, this is abit personal. I kinda dislike this because of my own reason. Basically FB chat embarrassed me once, & I'll never forget, thanks to myself for being clumsy & dumb too. So that was one night, I was fb chatting with 2 person, my close guy friend & a girl who I don't really know. You know how guys talk to each other, especially close ones.. & how gentle a guy could be when he talks to a "new-known" girl.

If you're smart, you probably know what happened to me that night. Yes, I replied wrongly. For awhile. I managed to explain everything to the guy but NOT the girl. It was like, suddenly, I told the girl "I don't give a fck, it's just so fckin annoying I just wanna fckin go home.." while talked to the guy like this "haha.. it's okay la. forget about it. I was busy so I went off early.."
COINCIDENTALLY both of them were talking about ALMOST the same thing. FB for me that night was FACE-BAM. GOSH.

5. Leave me alone!
Okay, I bet this problem annoys EVERYONE. At first, you like a status, then a couple hours later, you hate that status SO MUCH. why? Because many other people comment after you & that explodes your notification. Wait, they don't really comment, they CHAT. It's very annoying.

Couldn't think of more. Maybe I just love FB too much & I know you too. Just admit it, without FB, your life would not be the same. HAHA

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Is love BLIND?

Ladies & gentlemen, I may not have any good experiences about these four letter words, but I have some to share about. Based on my friends & some people's situations, I can see how they suffer, how they regret, how pain and even how stupid how dumb they are. Thanks to them, I literally see their mistakes & try not to do the same when it's my turn to face.

I still believe when people say love is blind. Because, it really is. Love is blind means everyone is possible to fall in love with anyone, without reason. So sometimes you can't blame yourself for falling in love with someone bad, like good guys falling on dirty bitches.

When you fall in love with someone, you have to make up your mind, whether you want to go deep with this person ornot. And when that time comes, its all up to you, nothing to do with love anymore since you are already in love. The decision is in your hand. Well, I can see many broken couples say that their love was blind, that's why they chose each other even though they shouldn't.

You know what, they are wrong. Love is blind, that's narf said. But if you made the wrong decision, YOU WERE BLIND. So I say, let love continue being blind, let your heart feel free to love, BUT not yourself, coz that's just plain stupid to be a blind person when you're obviously not.

I can see too, they are so many smart boys & girls out there who work smart on making decision & stuff. They always deserve a good start. Unfortunately some only show their evil sides when the relationship is running half way. That's bad. Some will make adjustment, some will jump start again & some will just let go - when cold-blooded people are borned.
Cold-blooded mofos. They can let go & forget someone so easily. Saying that doesn't mean they are players, but tough. Very tough. These people normally can settle things with their brains, not feeling. Can be very successful too, ofcoz if they're smart. Too bad most of us are not that kind fact that we are borned warm-blooded.

That's okay. I mean, being depressed after break up is fine. You're sad because your heart needs to rest :) they say first cut is the deepest, that's plain bullshit. The real thing is the deepest cut is the deepest :D there's no such thing as the first love is the sweetest too. All those are maybe just for some people, or just some song lyrics.

Think that's enough. I'm gonna stop here.
Overall, it's the sweetest I think. But think of it when it turns ugly, awh, I rather stay away from it at first. That's why people say, only start a relationship with someone you really think he/she could be yours for a long time.

Seems like many people out there don't do good in that huh. They always say that person is the best at first like they are gonna marry or something, but at last, they disappoint themselves.

Those sound like a story book to me. We literally know the ending of it already, just some of the contents are difficult to guess.

Bitch! :P

Thursday, July 29, 2010

What guys hate about girls

Despite how cute, sexy & sweet girls are ...
Guys still can't stand SOME of their human nature.

SOME examples here, so let the pictures do the work.

I know right, I missed out alot. There are more than above.
But, no matter how many there are, guys still need girls. So girls, you can ask us to shut up, & we should. We complain just to make you perfect. Since no one can be perfect, fine. Live with it (:

ps/ Guys always say they hate cats, but when you ask, how about pussy cats? they'll say they can't live with "half" of it. LOL

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sad songs can make you happy

Most people won't agree with me, or I can just say nobody agrees with me that - when you are in good mood, happy or feeling excited, you will feel extra comfortable by listening to sad breakup emo songs. Just in case you misunderstood, the word "emo" is the shortform of emotional, definitely not"gothic". Emo songs mean to be slow & hurtful, not trancy & hard (which many people think so).

I agree with everyone who says that I'm weird, because so far I think I'm the only one like this.

I can explain.

Let's just say you are very depressed now, you broke up with your lover, your dog died in an accident, your mom kicked you out from house, your bestfriends called you a faggot & many more LOL WHAT A GREAT EXAMPLE. You have no where to go. The only place you're going is the club.

Well you reach the club, tell me what type of music they blast. "Heavy duty" right? & sad ass mofos like you are here to seek for happiness. Swallow some liquids & gases, bring some heavy stuff in your brain, your heart, bamm. You light yourself up.

I know, not only sad ass mofos go to club. Happy people go too. My point is, R&B music or "today's music" is better & useful for sad ass mofos. When you're happy, you actually don't need that.

So, "today's music" has it's usefulness. How about SAD MUSIC? One thing I'm sure, I would DIE if I listen to sad music when I'm extremely down. No? YES. You can't listen to sad songs when you're sad. You are just torturing yourself if you do so.

Gosh, like duh? Sad songs can only make you worst when you're sad! Who says listen to sad songs when you're sad? Clubs buy expensive & explosive sound systems for a reason ya' know? You know when emo mofos cutting their wrists, what songs are they listening? EMO SAD SONGS! Therefore no sad songs during sad moment please, it could lead you to something bad. Would probably make you crazier too.

But, when you're happy, it's a 360 degree different story. Like I am now, give me tons of sad songs I will return triple times of happiness. See, I'm completely a happy person now, eventhough I had hard/sad/emo times before. Listening to sad songs will bring me back sometimes, but for me it's just a trip. Just a trip. Just a visit. Just a vacation. And you know when it spells VACATION, it's time for you to relax. You look back, you did something stupid, someone stabbed you, effin' depressing moments etc etc.

With those sad rhythms lingering you, just relax, smile & say, "Ah, just fuck it."

Just a side question, have you really took a "vacation" back? When you came back to here, you didn't feel sad, somehow you thought that past actually enlarged you? I did. Thanks for the ride anyways, sad songs ;)

I'll summarize everything above by saying :
"Heavy duty music" can make you happier when you're sad
"Heavy duty music" can maintain your happiness when you're happy
"Sad ass music" can make you worst when you're sad
"Sad ass music" can make you happier when you don't give a fuck to your sad past anymore

Oh by the way, James Blunt is a cool ass mofo by singing GOODBYE MY LOVER. That song is VERY VERY SAD. LOL I LOVE IT. He sings like he's gonna die! HAHA.

This is the song I like. Heartless, sad version. LOL.

This version is BETTER than the original la! The Fray emolize it perfectly!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Top 16 Cuties

...my perspective. Let's go!

# 16 Boo/Mary (Monster Inc.)

Babies are all cute. Especially in cartoon/animation. Just watch the movie if you haven't, coz' I know Monster Inc won on Oscar, 11 wins & 31 nominations. Much credit to Boo's cuteness.

# 15 Kina Grannis

In our country, she's not famous at all. In Malaysia, I think less than 1000 people know her. LOL. Well I saw her on youtube, have been following her for quite sometime. She does music covers & writes songs. What makes her so cute is when she sings & plays the guitar at the same time. Especially when she does it like "freestyle", I mean like, at her living room, at her room, garden & random places. Natural cuteness. Oh, she has a nice voice too. Listen to her original, Valentine.

# 14 Jung Da-Bin (Shin Bi from Wonderful Life)

This is what we call, CUTE. Natural way, no plastic no nothing, so innocent. What else to say? Just look at her face, & your day will be made.

#13 Russell (Up)

Fat cute kids ALWAYS steal the spotlight. A MUST-kind of character you have to have in a cartoon to make your movie more interesting.

#12 Tweedledum & Tweedledee (Alice in the Wonderland 2010)

Like I said, fat kids always steal the spotlight. Have you seen the differences between the old Tweedledum & Tweedledee and the new ones? The new ones are so so so so cute!

#11 Connie Talbot (Britain's Got Talent)

Small girl who owned Simon Cowell like a piece of cake. That's why it's amazing. What makes her so ownable? her talent, greatly assisted by her cuteness. With the hairstyle, smile, toothless.. Currently 80 million views on Youtube. Oh my.

#10 Kaitlyn Maher (America's Got Talent)

But, my opinion, this girl is cuter. Sorry Connie fans :P "I'm from amewica." & the way she stands is so cute! Somehow she only gets 14 million views, I know it's alot but compared to Connie it's nothing.

#9 Bob (Monsters vs. Aliens)

ANOTHER mosterical movie. This little monster is jelly-figured, transparent & weird. Good job to the creator for making him look so cute. This dude is kinda dumb, in a cute way. His most memorable quote is "I may not have a brain gentlemen, but I have an idea." HAHAHAAHHA

#8 Chloe Moretz (Hit Girl from Kickass)

Tough young chick! Kicks plenty of asses in that Kickass movie. Pretty entertaining movie, thanks to this little girl here. Without this girl, nobody will really notice that movie.

#7 Taylor Swift

HA-HA. My fovourite celebrity of all time evethough she's not my #1 in this top 16. Why is she so cute? Awh, Her foxie eyes, her hair, her face figure, her LIPS. Omg. Those are so obsessive! Besides her cute song lyrics, I LOVE to see her on interviews, tv shows.. Her reaction, the way she talks.. for me she's always priceless. I can watch her all day.

#6 Guo Yiting 郭怡廷

I saw this girl RANDOMLY on tv at a Chinese coffee shop, got my attention & did some major stalking work when I reached home. LOL. Now I know she is one of the hosts of the Taiwanese show (wo cai wo cai wo cai cai cai) She's not really famous but kinda attractive. 32C.24.34 with a cute, angelic face (not plastic), & not slutty (so far.) ..Tell me, what do you expect more from a Chinese girl?

#5 Puss in boots, when he shows his cute eyes (Shrek)

Despite his small size, Puss is a capable fighter even when outnumbered against much larger opponents. He is skilled with a sword and often practically dances around his enemies who can't keep up with him. One of his defenses is using his cute nature by staring up at his foes with an innocent, wide-eyed expression, which softens his foes' hearts.

#4 Lola & Bella (NBA star Steve Nash's twin daughters)

I don't know much about these girls but they look so cute! haha. They are 6 year old now. Look at the 2nd pic, they feel depressed too for their dad for not winning a championship after so long of hardwork. It's okay Steve, not all great players can win championships, you've already got a pair of cute daughters & that's enough (:

#3 Theodore (Alvin & the chipmunks)

Like many other people, Theodore is the reason why I like the chipmunk movie. His voice is kinda annoying but cute. Mooncake face, beer tummy, short legs short arms.. & fluffy! & also dumb in a very cute way. Gotta like that little dude.

#2 Aryana Engineer (Max from Orphan)

Despite that she can't really hear well & she's borned with some problem with her ears.. her cuteness & sweetness come together with her acting talent. Gosh. If you watched "Orpan", I bet you were like, "HEY ESTHER YOU BITCH, STOP SCARING HER!!" LOL. I'm hoping to see more Aryana. She's very adorable.

#1 Agnes (Despicable Me)

#1 would definitely go for this little girl here. Despicable Me is awesome by the way, only one thing I don't like.. See, Agnes is an orphan, & no one adopts her until Gru does. w-w-w-what!? A cute girl like her would be everyone's eyes of favour right. "Does this count as annoying? *blop blop blop blop*" "IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!!" Done. There goes your year. She just made it for you.

pee ass / You may not agree with this whole thing, or maybe the arrangement. Or do you think I missed out some? Yea I guees I did. There are too many cute person/characters in this world that I haven't get to see (:

Friday, July 09, 2010

Quotes don't help you in life.

There are so many creative people in this world, make creative & nice quotes, to motivate some failure dumbasses, make them think better and do better in life. As far as I concern, quotes don't really help. They are just like a poem, like a rhythm, like a song, singing singing & what you need to do is listen. Only. Fact, some are stupid, & don't make common sense.

"Nothing is impossible, impossible is nothing."

Greatest quote of all time. But who believes in this? I can talk about impossibles all day. My fat cat climbs to the top of KL Tower, Kanye West is my worker, my toys talk like toys story...

"The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in."
Nowonder, nowadays teen girls turn into sluts so quickly. Just GIVE, & LET IT COME IN. It's okay, the more you give, the more they come. Whoever wants to come in, come in la. This is the most important thing in my life. LOL get what I mean? *winks to all bitches

"It is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate."
OWH STOPPP. It means, your gf leaves you (failure at something you love) better than your ex-gf hates you too (success at something you hate).

"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business."
So, a business that makes everything but not money is an EXCELLENT kind of business? Help please, I'm still a noobass.

"Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope"
This shit doesn't help anyone. Man can't live for one second without hope? Every man wants to be a woman better.

"I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too, So we're really not that different, me and you."

Bullshit. Just compared Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston. They both laugh, love, try, hurt, need, hear & cry. Are they the same? Can't find any parts from them are similiar.

"Roses are red, violets are blue.
At times when I’m blind I could only still see you
... Sorry to break this sentimental shit, but this doesn't make sense. You can't see when you're blind. If so, you "could" only see 1 person?

"Do you know where is the shadow of a plane?
Tradition says, if you step on a plane's shadow,
The person you want to stay with will not leave."

EFF TO THE YOU. First, when you get to see plane's shadow, you're either chasing the plane when it just flies or stand on the arrival area when the plane is coming down. Doing that clearly explains how jackass you are. & If you really do that, that person you want to stay with will definitely leave you. I mean, who wants to live with a total jackass?

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."
I'm telling you, make more money & don't spend a single coin. I'm telling you again, treat everyone as good as they treat you, kill them who don't treat you good. Can you do it? No. About this quote, I think it's very impossible to force a person to SMILE when something bad happen, & don't cry when something good is over. You don't smile when your kid is murdered (smile because it happened) right? And you will cry or atleast sad if your marriage is over? (don't cry because it's over) right?

"To succeed... You need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you"
Yes, kinda agree with this one, but about the "something".. DEFINITELY NOT THESE TYPE OF QUOTES!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

5 worst types of drinkers

I don't usually do this but, I had 3 drinking session in this week with 3 different group of friends.

Just a side note, being a sober isn't fun at all. Eventhough so many people think it is. First, you won't get the enjoyment of being alcoholed, second, you waste our liquids. Sober is sad for g's sake, I don't understand why people think it's cool. WHICH brings me to my point, I hate some of my drinking kakis.

If you guys are reading this, you know who I hate deep inside (& outside). Not gonna mention name ofcoz', but you know who you are,

#1 Sober wannabe
Head spin, puke & red face show your toughness eh? Fuck no. You puke because you can't take it that much. THAT'S IT. END OF STORY. Who the hell wants to know how's your body condition? how's your today's mood? You don't have to explain, like you are not use to COLA, or you ate some shit earlier. Come on bitch, YOU ARE WASTED. ADMIT IT. WE DON'T MIND.

#2 "I'm the king yo,"
We gather 10-12 people, share money to buy some liquids, pretty much just nice for everyone. But there's one (or more) jackass who thinks he's the king or something, he doesn't think of other people, he finishes the liquids as fast as drinking RO water. & Mostly ends up puking like no tomorrow. Some even much more frustrated, they say, "So little only, no feel also," Oh, so we use our money to see you puke & talk cock eh? Fuck you. So far my experience, I tried only had 2 chinese-tea-sized cups in a slumber party where there was 3 bottles.

#3 Smokers think they are good in everything
Talking about heavy smokers who don't really drink. Simple statement, everyone knows, gas & liquid are TWO different thing. OBVIOUSLY. No matter how pro are you in gas, when you step in to take liquid, you're a beginner. So, don't fucking think that you are the shit, & start being like #1 & #2.

#4 Drunk ass wannabe
Pretty much a "reversed-version" of #1. Another thing I don't understand, why can't you people stop acting for a night? Come on, it's happy hours, it's a great chance for you to let every fucked up thing go. Can't you just let yourself act naturally? Like, if you're drunk, okay drunk, if you're being sober, it's okay, we are friends. Fuck why you want to act like a drunk ass motherfucker? Cool in that way?

#5 Mood breaker

Could be the most annoying one, but still consider okay coz' we're normally not in stable condition when being annoyed lol. What they do is saying random stupid things but effect our mood, like, "You guys are so lifeless," "You people will die faster drinking like that," "Whoever drives later will surely get accident," "Road block is everywhere," ... CAN'T JUST STFU!?

Currently 5 but I hope it won't increase. I somehow like those kind of people who gets a little drunk, do some random funny stuff. Those are perfect.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Kesha is not drunk!

Kesha. Or Ke$ha. Or you say that Tik Tok girl.

Blah blah blah, whatever.

I admit that Tik Tok's instrumental (NOT HER VOICE) is very catchy, hate to say but yes, it had been spinning in my head for quite sometime. It stopped when the radio started to spam "blah blah blah". I realize that Kesha's style is like a drunk ass woman, very good reason why her lyrics sound so random & stupid.

I know right, today's musics are all like that.. everyone has to be like that, everyone has to like it that way, eventhough you know it's stupid. It's a trend. I kinda like "Bedrock", "Replay" & Kanye Wests', so I definitely know how you feel.

Back to Kesha. She's just another typical todays' artist. But unique a little, she's drunk all the time.. literally. Just take Tik Tok as an example. I can tell you about her random shits about that song all day, it was funny for me at first but now I just can't get over why would so many people like her in that way. Are you guys drunk too? Listening to her songs sometimes is fine, (since the radio is spamming her to us) but if you're addicted to her, it pretty much like you brush your teeth with Jack Daniels every morning.

It's okay if a person is drunk, I kinda prefer drunk ass people over sobers. But in this case, Kesha makes me feel like she's ACTING like a drunk woman. NOTE, ACTING LIKE A DRUNK WOMAN. Imagine you had a party, a person only drank a little bit, obviously no creature in this world would get drunk so fast, but then he/she talked shit & danced around. What do we call that? Formerly, drunk-ass WANNABE. But now congratulations, you wannabes have a new & better name. KESHA.

I was amazed when I first saw "drunk-ass wannabes" kind of people, I really was. I don't think it's fun being that type of wannabe & defintely not fun to watch them "perform" unnaturally. Narf' said is, they suck. I own them coz' I'm more normal.

"Coming up next, her new hit single which could blow the whole world, Kesha's Tik Tok"
"Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy..."

ouh ouh.. seems like some crazy ass people have a queen now.


Oh okay.. it goes your way then, since your queen is like owning half of the earth now.

But really, I am not impress of her. Not because of her weirdness. Lady Gaga is even weirder but I like her, Kanye poked baby Taylor so hard but I still like him, Taylor's live performance is so bad but I still love her, Owl City is so overatted but I'm still a great fan. I'm not hating Kesha by only looking at her negative sides, like I stated above, every celebrities have bad sides.Sadly Kesha's is TERRIBLE.

I heard that Kesha is a humble person in real life, good-hearted, kind & sweet. & THAT makes me even frusfrated! Why did she have to choose this style to ACT? THIS is not the coolest, somehow by far the shamest. I believe what I heard about her real personality was right, so I assume that she missed to read a line before signing the contract. "ACT LIKE A DRUNK ASS WOMAN ALL THE TIME."

Kesha said Your Love is my Drug. I wonder would she say Your Colgate is my Jack Daniels or something like that. LOL

Oh did you hear her song "blah blah blah"? There's one part, she sings, "Just show me where your dick's at" -_-*
Didn't notice? You are probably listening to the clean version I guess. Listen to Kesha's songs sure listen to dirty/original version 1 marh.

I mean, COME THE HELL ON! Which girl doesn't know WHERE a GUY'S DICK AT!? If I were that guy I would tell her my ex-girlfriend stole it & didn't give it back to me. HAHAHHAHA

Well, the meaning of that is actually asking the boy whether he dares ornot. If so, she should sing, "Just show me where your BALLS at" RIGHT?
Stupid bitch!
Oh wait.. she's drunk. She messes up BALLS & DICKS, and doesn't know where a guy's dick should be located at a guy's body. LOL WTF RIGHT I KNOW. DRUNK PEOPLE MARH.

I sound like a troll here.. but who cares, it's internet :D Atleast I don't say anything FAKE & GAY without reason.

Still, a thick face apology to all Kesha lovers, or all who actually enjoy her songs. I respect your choice & taste, but not that bitch. No offence, okay?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Justin Bieber is ruling the world!

Everyone knows GOOGLE = WORLD.
Everyone knows Justin Bieber this little white ass boy.
But do you people know, Justin Bieber is owning the WORLD!?

It's scary when you just type "JU" & see 50% f JB's name in recommendation..

Seriously, you want to ask google, who the hell is Justin Bieber?
(you don't have to type all.. check out below)

Basically, he is just everywhere.. YES, everywhere!

Since you don't have to search "Justin Bieber" for Justin Bieber, what will come out if you search for Justin Bieber?

Ok.. Now we know atleast a little about Justin Bieber. Alright, enough for that, back to business. I'm going for what I really want to search on Google. Here we go.


*Post idea by JESSINE CHONG. Thanks :D