Thursday, July 01, 2010

Kesha is not drunk!

Kesha. Or Ke$ha. Or you say that Tik Tok girl.

Blah blah blah, whatever.

I admit that Tik Tok's instrumental (NOT HER VOICE) is very catchy, hate to say but yes, it had been spinning in my head for quite sometime. It stopped when the radio started to spam "blah blah blah". I realize that Kesha's style is like a drunk ass woman, very good reason why her lyrics sound so random & stupid.

I know right, today's musics are all like that.. everyone has to be like that, everyone has to like it that way, eventhough you know it's stupid. It's a trend. I kinda like "Bedrock", "Replay" & Kanye Wests', so I definitely know how you feel.

Back to Kesha. She's just another typical todays' artist. But unique a little, she's drunk all the time.. literally. Just take Tik Tok as an example. I can tell you about her random shits about that song all day, it was funny for me at first but now I just can't get over why would so many people like her in that way. Are you guys drunk too? Listening to her songs sometimes is fine, (since the radio is spamming her to us) but if you're addicted to her, it pretty much like you brush your teeth with Jack Daniels every morning.

It's okay if a person is drunk, I kinda prefer drunk ass people over sobers. But in this case, Kesha makes me feel like she's ACTING like a drunk woman. NOTE, ACTING LIKE A DRUNK WOMAN. Imagine you had a party, a person only drank a little bit, obviously no creature in this world would get drunk so fast, but then he/she talked shit & danced around. What do we call that? Formerly, drunk-ass WANNABE. But now congratulations, you wannabes have a new & better name. KESHA.

I was amazed when I first saw "drunk-ass wannabes" kind of people, I really was. I don't think it's fun being that type of wannabe & defintely not fun to watch them "perform" unnaturally. Narf' said is, they suck. I own them coz' I'm more normal.

"Coming up next, her new hit single which could blow the whole world, Kesha's Tik Tok"
"Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy..."

ouh ouh.. seems like some crazy ass people have a queen now.


Oh okay.. it goes your way then, since your queen is like owning half of the earth now.

But really, I am not impress of her. Not because of her weirdness. Lady Gaga is even weirder but I like her, Kanye poked baby Taylor so hard but I still like him, Taylor's live performance is so bad but I still love her, Owl City is so overatted but I'm still a great fan. I'm not hating Kesha by only looking at her negative sides, like I stated above, every celebrities have bad sides.Sadly Kesha's is TERRIBLE.

I heard that Kesha is a humble person in real life, good-hearted, kind & sweet. & THAT makes me even frusfrated! Why did she have to choose this style to ACT? THIS is not the coolest, somehow by far the shamest. I believe what I heard about her real personality was right, so I assume that she missed to read a line before signing the contract. "ACT LIKE A DRUNK ASS WOMAN ALL THE TIME."

Kesha said Your Love is my Drug. I wonder would she say Your Colgate is my Jack Daniels or something like that. LOL

Oh did you hear her song "blah blah blah"? There's one part, she sings, "Just show me where your dick's at" -_-*
Didn't notice? You are probably listening to the clean version I guess. Listen to Kesha's songs sure listen to dirty/original version 1 marh.

I mean, COME THE HELL ON! Which girl doesn't know WHERE a GUY'S DICK AT!? If I were that guy I would tell her my ex-girlfriend stole it & didn't give it back to me. HAHAHHAHA

Well, the meaning of that is actually asking the boy whether he dares ornot. If so, she should sing, "Just show me where your BALLS at" RIGHT?
Stupid bitch!
Oh wait.. she's drunk. She messes up BALLS & DICKS, and doesn't know where a guy's dick should be located at a guy's body. LOL WTF RIGHT I KNOW. DRUNK PEOPLE MARH.

I sound like a troll here.. but who cares, it's internet :D Atleast I don't say anything FAKE & GAY without reason.

Still, a thick face apology to all Kesha lovers, or all who actually enjoy her songs. I respect your choice & taste, but not that bitch. No offence, okay?


  1. for the longest time i thought i was the only one who knew this... lol thanks

  2. I agree with the last comment. haha. She is so fake! She was on the simple life with her torn abercombie jeans and american eagle shirt and brown hair with preppy highlights... and now shes suddenly some drunk bitch? Come on. Give up the act!

    1. kasha is not fake she is a girl with talent

    2. She is not drunk her contract says act like a druken wor 24/7! So dont judge people
      Bc im keshas cousin and i live with her

  3. I like her. She's just having fun. Her music is hilarious, anyone who takes it seriously obviously doesn't have a sense of humor. At least she's not as annoying as lady gaga who acts like she's some kind of revolutionary person while singing stuff like disco stick and just saying Alejandro a million times. Kesha is more humble and cool and she's more in touch with who and what she is. Anyway I can't believe you have the gall to critisize her personality and you like Kanye west?! Kanye west is a douche in more ways than 100. I even like lady gaga more than him.

  4. U mad Bra?
    She just havin fun like u were when u wrote this crap so stop being a dick and get over ur issue i dont care about what u think so go have fun doing something u will actually enjoy

  5. I don't think the last 2 people really read the post. That, or they have really poor comprehension skills.

    Anyway, the part you said about the good vs. bad side to all celebrities but still like them is same here. I don't think T.Swift has a very good singing voice, & I don't think Kanye West has a very good attitude but I like and respect them both because they write & somewhat produce (fully in Kanye's case) their own music, so they project their own voice.

    This Ke$sha girl doesn't do that at all. But like you said, its all about the instrumentalof her music, not her actual talent or likeability. I think that's what makes her so annoying. With that being said, I'm sure she'll just be a blip in our memories by this time next year.

  6. Dear Person who commented before me,

    She does right her own music, she does seem to have a pleasent personality, and she acts intelligent in a lot of interviews. She's a pop star. Of course her image is an act. It's what sells, and she's making a lot more than the rest of us.

    For the record, she studied music for years. Musically, she knows her shit.

    1. Pretty Much... It's fake.....Anyone else ever heard of marketing?

  7. abby here
    ke$ha is a sexual song writer

  8. Harriet here.
    Oh my god, this guy is an absolute moron!I've never been more ashamed of the human race.

  9. Harriet here.
    Oh my god, this guy is an absolute moron!I've never been more ashamed of the human race.

  10. Actually, Kesha's music has a good side. I love her songs Sunday Morning and Past lives, with such good meaning and they are slow songs. Those songs aren't auto tuned and you actually hear her voice. She is a great singer, really, but doesn't act like it.