Tuesday, July 06, 2010

5 worst types of drinkers

I don't usually do this but, I had 3 drinking session in this week with 3 different group of friends.

Just a side note, being a sober isn't fun at all. Eventhough so many people think it is. First, you won't get the enjoyment of being alcoholed, second, you waste our liquids. Sober is sad for g's sake, I don't understand why people think it's cool. WHICH brings me to my point, I hate some of my drinking kakis.

If you guys are reading this, you know who I hate deep inside (& outside). Not gonna mention name ofcoz', but you know who you are,

#1 Sober wannabe
Head spin, puke & red face show your toughness eh? Fuck no. You puke because you can't take it that much. THAT'S IT. END OF STORY. Who the hell wants to know how's your body condition? how's your today's mood? You don't have to explain, like you are not use to COLA, or you ate some shit earlier. Come on bitch, YOU ARE WASTED. ADMIT IT. WE DON'T MIND.

#2 "I'm the king yo,"
We gather 10-12 people, share money to buy some liquids, pretty much just nice for everyone. But there's one (or more) jackass who thinks he's the king or something, he doesn't think of other people, he finishes the liquids as fast as drinking RO water. & Mostly ends up puking like no tomorrow. Some even much more frustrated, they say, "So little only, no feel also," Oh, so we use our money to see you puke & talk cock eh? Fuck you. So far my experience, I tried only had 2 chinese-tea-sized cups in a slumber party where there was 3 bottles.

#3 Smokers think they are good in everything
Talking about heavy smokers who don't really drink. Simple statement, everyone knows, gas & liquid are TWO different thing. OBVIOUSLY. No matter how pro are you in gas, when you step in to take liquid, you're a beginner. So, don't fucking think that you are the shit, & start being like #1 & #2.

#4 Drunk ass wannabe
Pretty much a "reversed-version" of #1. Another thing I don't understand, why can't you people stop acting for a night? Come on, it's happy hours, it's a great chance for you to let every fucked up thing go. Can't you just let yourself act naturally? Like, if you're drunk, okay drunk, if you're being sober, it's okay, we are friends. Fuck why you want to act like a drunk ass motherfucker? Cool in that way?

#5 Mood breaker

Could be the most annoying one, but still consider okay coz' we're normally not in stable condition when being annoyed lol. What they do is saying random stupid things but effect our mood, like, "You guys are so lifeless," "You people will die faster drinking like that," "Whoever drives later will surely get accident," "Road block is everywhere," ... CAN'T JUST STFU!?

Currently 5 but I hope it won't increase. I somehow like those kind of people who gets a little drunk, do some random funny stuff. Those are perfect.

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