Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sad songs can make you happy

Most people won't agree with me, or I can just say nobody agrees with me that - when you are in good mood, happy or feeling excited, you will feel extra comfortable by listening to sad breakup emo songs. Just in case you misunderstood, the word "emo" is the shortform of emotional, definitely not"gothic". Emo songs mean to be slow & hurtful, not trancy & hard (which many people think so).

I agree with everyone who says that I'm weird, because so far I think I'm the only one like this.

I can explain.

Let's just say you are very depressed now, you broke up with your lover, your dog died in an accident, your mom kicked you out from house, your bestfriends called you a faggot & many more LOL WHAT A GREAT EXAMPLE. You have no where to go. The only place you're going is the club.

Well you reach the club, tell me what type of music they blast. "Heavy duty" right? & sad ass mofos like you are here to seek for happiness. Swallow some liquids & gases, bring some heavy stuff in your brain, your heart, bamm. You light yourself up.

I know, not only sad ass mofos go to club. Happy people go too. My point is, R&B music or "today's music" is better & useful for sad ass mofos. When you're happy, you actually don't need that.

So, "today's music" has it's usefulness. How about SAD MUSIC? One thing I'm sure, I would DIE if I listen to sad music when I'm extremely down. No? YES. You can't listen to sad songs when you're sad. You are just torturing yourself if you do so.

Gosh, like duh? Sad songs can only make you worst when you're sad! Who says listen to sad songs when you're sad? Clubs buy expensive & explosive sound systems for a reason ya' know? You know when emo mofos cutting their wrists, what songs are they listening? EMO SAD SONGS! Therefore no sad songs during sad moment please, it could lead you to something bad. Would probably make you crazier too.

But, when you're happy, it's a 360 degree different story. Like I am now, give me tons of sad songs I will return triple times of happiness. See, I'm completely a happy person now, eventhough I had hard/sad/emo times before. Listening to sad songs will bring me back sometimes, but for me it's just a trip. Just a trip. Just a visit. Just a vacation. And you know when it spells VACATION, it's time for you to relax. You look back, you did something stupid, someone stabbed you, effin' depressing moments etc etc.

With those sad rhythms lingering you, just relax, smile & say, "Ah, just fuck it."

Just a side question, have you really took a "vacation" back? When you came back to here, you didn't feel sad, somehow you thought that past actually enlarged you? I did. Thanks for the ride anyways, sad songs ;)

I'll summarize everything above by saying :
"Heavy duty music" can make you happier when you're sad
"Heavy duty music" can maintain your happiness when you're happy
"Sad ass music" can make you worst when you're sad
"Sad ass music" can make you happier when you don't give a fuck to your sad past anymore

Oh by the way, James Blunt is a cool ass mofo by singing GOODBYE MY LOVER. That song is VERY VERY SAD. LOL I LOVE IT. He sings like he's gonna die! HAHA.

This is the song I like. Heartless, sad version. LOL.

This version is BETTER than the original la! The Fray emolize it perfectly!


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