Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm a cat lover.
Cat is like my favourite animal of all time.

You hate cat. I know. You can give me reasons for hating, I know. I bet all your reasons are the reasons I think cats are the awesomest furry creature in the world.


Ask me now, why cats are cuter than dogs.

through my personal experience + a little bit of research,

I tell you.

Their almond-shaped/Taylor Swift eyes, small noses, medium ears, small paws, and randomness fur colors are the most noticed features.

When they sleep, they don't really sleep on their sides. They sleep with their paws at their muzzles or chest. This creates a toddler type appearance. To cat lovers, this appearance makes them feel happy, which means, makes them see the cat as cute.

& I tell you somemore, when cat lovers see how their cats sleep, a special hormone in a human's gland will be activated. No joke! The cuteness creates well-being, friendly, comfortable feeling. This feeling is stimulated through the brain as motherly or fatherly love, which makes the cat's appearance levels rise. This also makes the cat seem cuter to the human :D

One thing I'm sure cats do better than human. That's being an ATTENTION SEEKER. Imagine a girl, loves people to give attention to her, stands out everytime in every conversation, annoying isn't it? But a cat.. While you and your friends, family, chatting with each other in the living room, a furry creature appears in the middle of you guys, try it's best to seek everyone's attention with it's inappropriate scratching & stuff.. AW!

This would indeed to be traditional cat behavior but I don't care, they close their eyes everytime when they're having their meals! Maybe they can concentrate on the flavour more, I don't know. It's priceless if you get to see Cat mama eating whiskas with kittens beside her drinking milk from a bowl!

I wrote this because I miss my fat cat. Fei Chai has gone for a year.

*Now you know atleast 1 reason why I like Taylor Swift?

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