Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How to be fat?

I always wished to put on some weight when I was a bone. But I only wished, didn't really bother or plan anything. After graduated from high school, my "wish" seemed to come true. Successfully, my weight started to increase, & my bones started to have fats around. Which made me feel surprisingly good. Unfortunately sometimes something wouldn't be too good to be too successful, great example in this case, & the the story begins.

Gain weight, no more skele figure, (without work out or work on anthing) sounds good right? But what if your face starts to turn round, and tummy starts to grow? It's happening to me now. I blame myself for being "too successful".

My lifestyle makes this happen. I'm having a WAY better lifestyle compared to last time, at high school. I eat more than last time, exercise less & stay more happy/relaxing now. Everything is very fine for me now, only my "former wish" is bothering me for coming "too true".

Still, I sleep less. Its normal when you sleep less, feel exhausted, you won't grow fat so easily. But when I stay up at midnight til morning everytime, what I do besides playing is eating -.- It's 6-7 meals a day if I don't sleep! Even Kobe can't stop my fats for growing.

Stay up alone.
Horrible habit,
@ 12am+ buy Ramly burger (sometimes buy 2) eventhough I'm not hungry.
@ 2-3am+ 7 eleven, oreo/chipsmore. Or Twisties & stuffie junk food.
@ 4-6am+ I'll usually make myself a cup tea or Milo. Goodness.
@ morning+ when my parents wake up, breakfast time -.-

Stay up outside?
Horrible habit too,
You can't deny for having beer, aka tummy expander or sweet drinks or even food.
During night fever, you think you sweat enough on the dancefloor? Yes you do, but when you come out, you eat again. Double up the sweats you've put out.

I haven't mention during day time. The amount of food I eat during breakfast usually pretty much the same as my lunch. Dinner? Same thing. Fats.

For now, I got no more 3 days hardcore swimming, no more evening basketball. Only swim 1-2 times a week, and basketball for 1 day maximum. (unless there is special schedule)


No time for hardcore workout at all though, just a little bit everyday, hopefully it works lol.

If you want to be fat, you can follow my lifestyle as stated above. But if you want to be skinny, erm. Reverse this whole thing. Lol

As you can see now, nothing else bothers me anymore except my fats. Life has been very smooth, I'm lovin' it. Staying single without special lover isn't too bad. Oh, you have the best person in the world to love you? That person isn't perfect, you know that. Well now my life loves me, & it's perfect.

I worked hard on getting this lifestyle actually. Like, settled up everything that needed to, kicked out some people from my life who shouldn't stay, start planning for what's next, & stuff. Pretty selfish sometimes, but that's the way to make life loves you.

To all who still needs to FML everyday, start to make some adjustment okay?


  1. lol..let me tell u ha,
    being fat is easier than keeping fit u know...
    otherwise u can try mary chia o bizzy body.. ><