Friday, June 04, 2010

NBA Finals 2010!

Who will you pick? L.A. Lakers or Boston Celtics?

I'm a die-hard Celtics fan (before KG & Ray came in) so I'm going for "BEAT LA" chants (:

Kobe and mates did a great job by not upsetting their home fans, made homecourt-advantage useful by putting 1-0 over Celtics. Oh wait, don't be over-confident, C's ain't that weak. Remember how Cavs & Magic being thrashed? ;)

Pick a team & tell me some of your prediction. (NBA predicts Boston in 7 though)
I'm interested to read yours. Leave a comment & share, thanks!


  1. I honestly have no idea. Certainly the Celtics can't play any worse. But at the same time, the Lakers were never threatened in this game, so they have plenty of room for error.

  2. Celtics will win in 5 or 6. The Celtics have two advantages. They are just too Physical and have a big time point guard.

    Now that they are healthy they have been putting a physical beat down on NBA teams in the playoffs. With the exception of Artest, the Lakers are still a soft team.

    Use your head. If Perkins can push and bang with Dwight doesn't it make sense that he can easily hold off Gasol or Bynum? I won't even mention Odom. No inside advantage for the Fakers this time.

    Rondo will blow right pass Fisher and either challenge the Lakers soft and stiff big guys or dump it off to one of the many finishers the Celtics have.

    Kobe will have to score in the 60's for the Lakers to offset the Celtics toughness.